hi! i'm z.

i do physical and digital game design, systems design, and also digital art!
contact: itch.io, email, linkedin

interested in digital games?

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what about board games?

sunrise city is a 4-6 player cooperative board game about working together as people of the city to evade climate catastrophe while trying to fulfill your own selfish goals. ask about playtesting!

if you want examples of my process for systems dev, you can also click here!

my name is z, and i'm a multidisciplinary artist.

yes, it's just the letter.

i live in the midwest, and i'm a big fan of baseball. and i also like, seriously love video games. i'm an aspiring indie game developer, and an aspiring game studies researcher. i'm, more than anything, an individual of many interests and hobbies!

in my academics, i've learned how to work in unity 3d and unreal 5, maya, and blender. i'm especially comfortable with programming with blueprints and doing level design. in my leisure time, i've learned how to produce digital art, dashed in a bit of learning front-end webdev, and i really love building gundams... essentially, i love spending my time endlessly fiddling with putting things together, whether it be building a game, a model, or making art.

in terms of genre of interests, i love horror. horror games, horror movies, horror comics... i love all of it! if i could spend my life making horror games, i would be over the moon. for research interests, i'm fascinated by games as museums/games in the museum, game hermeneutics, and (outide of games) new media art history in general.


age: 26 ethnicity: armenian degrees: Art History BA, Game Design MFA (in progress) number of cats: two (both orange!)